Amy GregsonChild Care Director

    Amy has a passion for everything creative and fun! Since graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Interior Design, she has worked as a designer, a wedding planner, a mural painter, a nanny, and a creative blogger.  Her favorite job, however, has been raising three amazing kids of her own. In 2014, she had the opportunity to begin pursuing a different side of her talents as a Health Assistant for Kyrene School District. For four years she performed the role most people think of as “school nurse”, but she prefers the title “school mom”. While she was trained and qualified to deal with serious injuries and illnesses, she found that 90% of the time bandaids, hugs, and a little kindness went a long way.

    Amy loves sharing her passion for creativity with kids through craft projects, art, and creative play. She is determined to make your kids your biggest motivation to get to the gym because they won’t stop asking to come and play!

    Education/ Certification:

    BFA in Interior Design from Brigham Young University

    CPR, First Aid, AED certified (adult and child)

    Home renovation projects, watching tv shows about home renovation, and helping friends and family with home renovation projects ; restoring and selling antique and vintage furniture with her daughter; game nights with family